Yakista – the perfect Whatsapp Clone Script

There are many clones that are not very successful in the industry and Yakista - Whatsapp Clone App is an exception. It has features that are closest to Whatsapp and its user friendly interface is the best part of all. Several whatsapp clones leave behind a bad user experience and fade away quickly from the tech industry.

Unlike these clones, Yakista is sure to win and sustain the race as it is available for IOS and Android users. It is free of cost and does not eat up a lot of memory space as well. How cool is that? It gives a world class user experience with no complication or whatsoever.

There is one evident factor for Whatsapp’s massive success and that is “emoji”. People cannot get enough of them already and Yakista has the same feature as well. The Whatsapp Clone app promises to offer a user friendly experience with its supreme list of features.

Voice call

The voice call option allows one to make to calls across the world on free of cost. Audio message option helps the user to leave a message when the recipient is away. Block option puts a full stop to all the stalking from the creepers out there. Now, that’s what called a perfect app!

Group conversation

Group conversation option allows one to add a multiple number of people to join the conversation. Secret message is another handy feature that helps to delete the messages after a certain period of time.

Mute options

Mute options helps to get rid of message notifications from a nagging friend. Media files can be shared with ease across different platforms. Mark as unread option helps to keep track of important messages in future and the most highlighted feature of all is last seen. It has been the proud owner of memes and jokes on internet and Yakista has not missed out on this feature as well.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings can make adjustments on this feature, a big sigh of relief to all the men in relationships! Chat lock option comes in handy when the user feels the need to secure the conversation. The user can set up a unique profile picture and status or the so called “mood message” with the help of profile settings. Yakista - Whatsapp Clone App is reliable and safe for its users and it never fails to deliver the best user experience.

Whatsapp Clone App - Key Features

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Frequently Asked Question:

  Is installation free of cost?

The cost of installation is entirely free. You just need to provide the host details and check the server requirement that is declared on our website.

  Does Rutapp help in the approval of app?

Yes, we will guide the customers for the approval of our cloned script application. We require IOS app store login and Google play login details from the client for making an approval of the app. Our well-versed team will contact with the customer through base camp/Skype to get necessary details in order to submit the application strongly in the app store.

  Do you support testing in local host/simulator?

No. Some of our clients ask that they need to test the application in their local host just before installing in the server. Users need to test the app by self and support will not be given for testing the application in local host/simulator.

  What is the turnaround time?

It entirely depends on the hosting firms. Usually, it takes about 12-24 hours and the installation is entirely free.

  What if user/customer modifies the code?

If a user makes some alterations in the code or modifies it; then it would be difficult for us to work on the changed script. So we highly advise the customers, not to do any alternative changes with the script; and our free support will be stopped if there are any changes in the script.

  What is our refund policy?

We recommend the users to test the trial version of the product thoroughly before making any purchase. If you have any doubts regarding the app you can get in touch with us through Skype/live chat. As soon as we send you the app download particulars, we won’t process payment at any cost. If you face controversies in purchasing or making installation our technical team will assist you with the process through Skype, live chat, email, base camp, etc,

  Will Rutapp give technical support after purchase?

Yes. We usually support product even after the purchase, like making personalization changes, fixing error etc.

  Do you charge for Customization changes?

The script will be working without any error and it is fully tested. If you are in need of any customization changes to the script we are pleased to do it at an affordable hourly price. For more details please visit us at hello@rutapp.com for customization prize.

Yakista – the new IM application sets the bar high

It is only a surprise if there are people NOT using fancy smart phones with a lot of applications in it. According to statistics, IM messaging applications are one of the most commonly used ones among the mobile applications. There are heaps of IM messaging applications in the market and smart phone users have got a wide spread to choose from. Many people are aware of one such application called Whatsapp and it is famous in several countries. In fact, it is predominantly used in Brazil, Mexico and India.

The immense success has led a way to many mainstream Whatsapp clones in the industry. It has even inspired entrepreneurs to go big with IM messaging applications and the trend slowly started to catch up like fire across the globe. The IM mobile applications became a prey to the undeniable fame and spotlight. Not-so-surprisingly, several clones did not make justice to the mighty Whatsapp. They failed to provide features and user friendly experience to the users and were instantly eliminated from the tech market. But the industry never stopped introducing different IM messaging applications to the smart phone users. Some were huge disappointments and many barely made it to the spotlight

The mighty Whatsapp was found in 2009 and it has taken over many countries in the world ever since then. It has turned out to be the most sophisticated mobile application and has built a strong foundation for itself. Text messages, pictures, videos and sound files can be shared across multiple platforms with no complication. The basic requirement is a stable internet connection and of course, Whatsapp. It is as simple as that! The Yakista app does not drain a lot of mobile internet data unlike other applications. Tutorials on “how to use the app” are not even required to access Whatsapp.

It is easy, simple and even a toddler could get it going like a pro! The technology has changed the world drastically and people have started to view things in a different manner. The question is, are there any other apps that could match up with Whatsapp? The answer is a big fat YES! Yakista is here to break all the misconceptions!

Yakista - classy and sophisticated on its own

Yakista is intelligently designed in a way to please its smart phone users. It does not show up error messages or hang up during the performance unlike many other clones. It is snazzy and classy on its own to provide the best experience for its users. It poses a serious competition to its contenders in the tech market with its long list of friendly features. It has evolved to be the strongest contender in a very sport span of time.

Whatsapp has always been smart phone users’ favorite but it seems like Yakista’s turn to shine bright. The look and feel of the Yakista app has captivated a lot of fans towards its side. With its list of never ending features, Yakista has a plenty of room to grow bigger and wider. It keeps coming up with new exciting features frequently and it never misses to fulfill the expectations. The so called “Whatsapp dupes” have never lived up to the current market standards and have always missed the shot. Most of the clones are nothing but huge disappointments whereas Yakista has offered the best to its users.

The app is simple and clean without going overboard with its design. The user interface is not shabby and it is very easy to understand the flow of the app. It is simple to use Yakista without having to undergo serious tutorials, sarcasms much? It could even pose a serious threat to popular IM messaging applications like weChat, Hike and Line in the near future. Many cheap Chinese clones would be forever swept off from the tech market, all the credit goes to the great Yakista!

Yakista – the technology’s best mate

Every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream is to lead a successful business and it requires a lot of smart decisions and moves. To own an app like Whatsapp is not an impossible task anymore, it is as simple and easy as that! Yakista is the answer for every entrepreneur’s prayers and making money off IM mobile applications is definitely not rocket science.

Rutapp has a huge client network around the world and its goal is to offer the best product as per the clients’ requests. Websites are so out of league and mobile application is the most happening trend ever since the smart phones got into the picture. A lot of mobile applications for anything and everything are introduced everyday and not all of them succeed. Very few smart ones sustain in the market and Yakista is one of them, no doubts about that!

Rutapp always makes sure to offer the best to its clients and it is the right place to have a bright future in IM messaging applications. It has highly trained professionals and Project Managers to lead every project and deliver in time. It is on mission to create more entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg around the world by lending hands to smart businesses. The ultimate decision is to choose Rutapp and get started with business right away, no more wasting time! Yakista App can now be a successful technology partner for many budding entrepreneurs out there!

Yakista – Instant Messaging App