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What is Ridecy - Uber Clone?

Ridecy is a hundred percent customisable app that is meant for the drivers and the riders available on both IOS and Android. It has got a rich and responsive interface that ensures to provide the best user friendly experience. Cloud installation is available to have an easy and convenient set up of the app. The Taxi Booking Script has an advanced backend system to maintain the records of its users in a less complicated manner. The working flow is easy and hassle free in a way that it does not require any detailed “user manual” or tutorial. When the rider sends a request, it is sent to many drivers present in the nearest location. The driver who accepts the request first will offer the ride and the app basically follows the “first come first service” concept. It is as simple as that! The communication between the driver and the rider is taken care by the application’s advanced features.

Ride Hailing Application - Key Features

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Uber Clone Script - FAQs

  Is your installation process a free one or not?

The installation process is absolutely free and you must submit the hosting details to us before choosing services. For knowing the server requirements, visit our website today to get more ideas.

  Will Rutapp support me in approving the Ride Sharing App?

Yes. Our company will assist you in approving the app with technical staffs. However, you must have an app store login and Google Play login details for meeting exact needs. Expert teams in our company will contact you through Skype/ basecamp for receiving the necessary details quickly to install the app in your app store.

  Do I get support testing in local host/stimulator?

No. You have to test yourself and there will be no support testing from our side in local host/ stimulator. We don’t provide services for testing the app in your local host before installing in the server.

  What will be the exact turnaround time?

We normally set the time frame between 12- 24 hrs before the installation process. It is also free of cost and depends entirely on your hosting companies.

  What happens when a user or customer modifies the codes?

It is advisable not to make any changes in the scripts after buying them. If anyone modifies the scripts then, it becomes a difficult one for us to work on them. We terminate our free support services immediately when a user makes changes in the scripts.

  What does our refund policy tells you?

As a company, we will guide you to test the demo version of our product before confirming your purchase. If you have any doubts about the app then, you can contact us over Skype/live chat. We don’t refund your amounts at any cost after sending our app download details. Our technical teams give solutions for your problems in the installation or purchase through Skype, basecamp, live chat, email, etc.

  Does Rutapp provide any technical support after your purchase?

Yes. Rutapp provides complete technical support after purchasing the scripts. We offer bug fixing, customization changes and other services with our professional teams.

  Do you charge any additional costs for customization changes?

Our script is 100% tested and it will work without any hassles. If you want any customization changes in it then, contact our company at hello@Rutapp.com to do the same at best hourly prices.

Ridecy – Uber’s phenomenal clone in action

Uber has always been successful around the world and it is an inspiration to many Uber clones. The famous American online transport network can be proud for being the first to introduce an exclusive smart phone application on cabs. It has built a smart bridge between mobile technology and transport network making our lives easier and way more convenient. It is also one of the multi billionaire companies and has brought a phenomenal change in the transportation industry. It poses a serious threat to many transport network companies like Lyft and the so called “yellow cabs” that wander around the city roads. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has always made sure the technology is seamless and perfect to people who use it. Despite the perfection, it is also known for a lot of controversies in America and several other countries around the world. The controversies involve theft, abuse and many fraudulent acts. According to a recent study, many Uber drivers are not properly licensed and because of which, road accidents have become common. This has raised a serious concern in the safety department and credibility of America’s large transport network. Few countries have even temporarily banned the networking from providing its service to the civilians. The long list of controversies has left an irreparable black mark on its name but people still choose to go with Uber. It is because the company comes up with feel good campaigns and publicity stunts to restore its fame. Another important reason is that many Uber clones are nothing but a huge fail!

Uber’s successful venture and its list of achievements have inspired many companies to come up with a smart phone app for taxi cabs. These so called “Uber copycats” have only been a huge disappointment to the users since they do not deliver what it claims to offer. Very few stay in the race along with Uber and they are just like the falling stars from the sky, sarcasms much? None has ever been close to American company’s successful journey in the industry. After all, a single tap on a mobile phone application could fetch a taxi cab and thanks to Uber for redefining the travel experience. A very big shout out to Travis Kalanick and his fellow mates for inventing this beauty! One must also remember that records are meant to be broken and Ridecy is here to erase the taboo, “clones are nothing but an utter disappointment” from history. Ridecy is not like any other Uber clone that fails to provide a user friendly experience. It is the supreme app that could be the next potential star in the tech industry. In fact, it has a long list of new and useful features that comes in handy for its users. Some features are not even present in many leading online transport network companies and it is no big surprise if Uber is in it! Ridecy is fresh and it gives a whole new dimension to the transport industry. People would no longer see the transport the same way as before, it is different and better now! The future holds a lot for the tech savvies around the corner and Ridecy is here to stay and rule forever.

Ridecy – Best Ride Sharing Application

Ridecy - Taxi Dispatch Solution is here to stay in the industry and give a tough competition to many leading online transport networks out there. What makes Ridecy worthy enough to give it a shot? The answer is evident with all the features listed above and also, it gives the most sophisticated user experience. It gives a whole new meaning to a better travel experience and elevates it with an impressive smart phone application. It follows the secured authentication process that would allow only registered users to be a part of its network. The users will have to go through SMS and email verification in order to become registered users. The push notification feature will notify the users with updates, offers and other important information on app. The star rating feature allows its users (drivers and riders) to rate every ride which in turn helps to avoid future inconvenience. The Car Pooling Application with overall poor ratings will be blocked from using the Car Pooling App. Safety is the most important criteria for any online taxi app and it can often be overlooked by many companies. Ridecy always makes sure its riders are safe and secured under many critical circumstances. The Alarm/panic button when pressed will share the riders’ location with their closed ones and allow them to track the location. On the other hand, SOS option will send an alert signal to the nearby police stations. How much cooler can it get? If that does not excite anyone, there are several other features that would make people to uninstall the same old clichéd app to install Ridecy right away! Not kidding at all!

Ridecy – the mobile app ninja to slay like a pro

The clone script is very much customizable and can be changed according to the requests. Rutapp is known for its efficient and excellent service around the world. It is also successful in cloning the scripts and Ridecy is just like any other Rutapp’s mobile app service that has turned to be great as well. It provides free app installation on app store and play store for all the clients. The technical team gives free support period for the maximum period of 6 months over Skype and project management tools. It follows professional testing practices to eliminate the redundant bugs and deliver the project in time. Highly trained Project Managers take charge of every project with utmost care and pure professionalism. The app is upgraded with every new release on app store and play store to make it compatible according to current market standards.

The clone script provides one time free installation on the server and a single domain license with an access to the source code. Ridecy has “book for later” feature that makes it unique from the rest of the apps. This feature allows the user to book a ride in advance and the request will be dispatched thirty minutes prior to ride. The app is integrated with Google map to locate the exact address and find the shortest route to the destination. It is designed to perfection and has a high class look to it with user friendly interface. The design is not sloppy and untidy like many Uber gimmicks that fail to concentrate in the interface. With so much to offer, Ridecy is the top contender that satisfies all the current market standards. It even poses a serious threat to not-so-famous clones and it may completely wash out yellow taxis off the streets. Rutapp is the most apt destination to make every entrepreneur’s dream on “Uber clone” to come true. The world will be a better place with good taxi services like Ridecy to serve people, no doubts about that!

Ridecy – Ready-Made Uber Script