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Yakista’s prominence in accordance with the arrival of advanced features

Group texting
The preeminent feature in the WhatsApp is the group texting; it joins the users as a group. It helps to share a single message to many members of the group. This option allows adding multiple contacts in a group. Users are provided with the possibilities to create and change the group names, group status, and group profile pictures as well. Each member of the group can share the images, videos, location sharing, audios and contacts.
Location sharing
The app is connected to the Google map for the feature of location sharing. The users can share their location with the contacts in their phone. There is an attachment option in the text bar; it will show few icons for the attachment. From the option choose the location sharing button to share it with their friends. It helps to find out the new spot immediately by using this feature. Up next, the live- location features will let allows the users to share the current location to the individual contacts.

Video calling
Video chat is the best way to users and their friends to get close up of the long distance friends. While placing or receiving a video call make sure that you have the strong network connection. A poor or improper connection may result in the low quality or poor video. The quality of the video is dependent on the wireless network connection or the network data speed. This video call feature is available for the latest version of the Android OS. It will be the face to face conversation when the text or voice chat not enough and also no need to worry about the expense for the call.

Secret Chat
In the one -to- one chat, the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized person and hackers. End –to- end encryption is practiced in the latest version of the app. There are possible to share the personal moments on chat, this why built this feature in the latest version of the app. When the messages and calls are encrypted, then they are in the secured. The communication between the sender and the receiver no one can read or listen to them.
Document sharing
The user can send any type of files to their friends or colleagues via an application. Before this feature, people need to use the email to send the documents. Now it is easy to send any type of documents in a single tap in the mobile phone. The cloud storage is integrated with the app for sending and saving the files which they can share through the app.
Control your privacy
The users have rights to control their privacy in the messaging app. The user sets the privacy that can see their profile picture. Even users can last seen, status, to my contacts, which are only their contact members, can see last seen time. The user saved contacts person only can view their updates and other activities of the user. But the users disable these option they cannot see other the same from contacts too.
Save data
If the users are using the app in the slow or expensive mobile data network, then they can choose or reduce the data consumption by selecting what want to download automatically. When they are in roaming selectively download the images, videos or audio. Additionally, there is an option ‘low data usage’ to reduce the data consumption while using the WhatsApp call. Also, there is another choice of download all media while the mobile connected to the Wi-Fi.
Read messages without blue ticks
When the users read a message and also send back a read receipt to the sender. This is the way the app users know that other seen the messages. However, if the users don’t want to send a blue tick (read receipt) back to the sender then they can read the message without blue ticks. Use the airplane mode turn off the mobile data, open the app read the messages. The user can avoid the killing it from memory too and then start the data again.
Create shortcut for the individual chat
If a user chatting with a default friend often, then there is no need to hunt for a particular person in the chat list. They can reduce the time in the search and start the conversation using Yakista App. To create the shortcut simply long press on the contact and select the add short cut from the menu. Then the shortcut will be created on the directly on the desktop and now continue the chat directly from the desktop of the phones.
Reply to specific message
In the group message, the number of members chat list may increase for the each update. So there is less chance to focus on every one message and give a reply for it. Now, simply by pressing the message sent by another person in the group, there will be the left arrow option display on the top of the display. Then the user can recall the message and additional message with it.
Revoke messageTaxily
Sometimes unknowingly users sent a message to other persons. For example, there is more chance to send a wrong message to the close one. This may create an embracing moment, but here is a chance to escape from this situation. The user can revoke the message once they sent in a private chat. It is possible in spite of the receiver doesn’t read the message. Before the receiver read the message the sender can recall the message in their conversation.
Lock chat
With the help of this extraordinary feature, the user can keep their online conversation in an authenticated manner. Lock chat is one of the efficient features, which are available in the security settings on the clone script of Yakista. There are some indispensable terms and conditions are available to access the feature. This is mandatory to consider that this feature is applicable on the saved contact. The feature of lock chat is utilized by the user to protect their transmitted information through online.