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Levy restriction for Airbnb, Premier Inn

The famous budget hotel chain is probing for the levy from its rival Airbnb. It is providing a service to the travellers, by renting out houses. The house owners are getting paid by the renters. So, who is paying the levy, for the service provided? The rivals of this company are trying to bring them down in every possible way. The flaws are getting caught and no chance is left to scrutinize it.Airbnb is an intermediate between the landlords and the occupants. It helps people to find a place to stay which is not a hotel room. The law is warm towards this service and happy about it. As it helps the people to save money and get a better service. The occupancy tax should be paid by the guests, so the host can pay it along with other taxes.

Airbnb is enforced to collect taxes for its services in countries where tax is taken for Electronically Supplied Services. The host earns money by hosting the house for the guests. An earning by the landlord is liable for taxpaying. The form maybe filled out according to the income incurred by the host.

The company urges its hosts to consult a tax professional who can help them. The government is willing to give free tax exemption for the company for the initial income. The company fabricates its efforts to make it even easier and accessible to all. It is ready to face all the consequences and yet win the battle.