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Guard off Uber, Ola

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Ola is making plans to raise funds to have a face off with its rival company Uber, which is renowned throughout the globe. Both of the companies are making a fair amount of profits in the market. The Indian company is making efforts to ward off Uber and take a stand in the global market as well. Meanwhile, it seems like the investment made by the opposing company is more, as compared to the home company.The companies are making equal amount of profits and have together invested in India. The country is developing the framework of the complete transportation system. This will definitely help the companies to bring in more revenue. Uber is against the rules set by the government, as it is not workable for them.

The service provided to the people in different parts of the country is more for the household company than the overseas company. An action plan is made to bring in more investments from the stakeholders. Only if that happens, the company can make a good viewpoint for the customers.

This will help in bringing in more business and folds the investments made. If the fares become more cost effective, the outcome will be as expected. Ola needs to know where the opponent is lagging. Improvement in its approach will lead to better business. Both the companies are following an exclusive pattern of work, and is making progress. But, will that help Ola to deflect and win the competition?