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Dispute over taxi doorway for $1, Uber

A survey was conducted about applying a doorway charge for compensating, the taxi license holders. The result showed a fair amount of opposition from the citizens of the state. Most of the people had no idea about a compensation for taxi license holders. The ride hailing service has been trying to give the best rides to its customers. But, it is shocking for them, to pay for a compensation for the drivers. Uber has opposed to this proposal, it is the government which is trying to get the compensation. They are aiming for a free trade from the ride hailing industry.

The company justifies, saying that it is not fair for the government to apply these tariffs to the customers. The industry is making great progress and has satisfied consumers. People are opting for this service, as it is affordable and reasonable. If there are extra charges made, they will stop using the service.

Customers want to go places in and around the city, which makes them feel comfortable. Most of the people are actually not aware of the compensation the taxi license holders need to make. The drivers get them with a hope, but end up disregarding and compromised by the government.

It is fair to have compensation; it can be applied if it is traded for free. The company is willing to negotiate this proposal, only if the government is acknowledging their terms.