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Kwizy – Airbnb Clone - Launched with Top notch features

Unlike other clones, Kwizy has its own swag and it has an elegant look to it that matches up to the current market standards. It poses a serious competition to several online Airbnb Clones and may even take over Airbnb in the near future, not kidding! It is the closest replica to Airbnb and the best part is that it has got features that are not even available on many online rental booking services.

Kwizy Script can be altered and customised according to clients’ request. It is available on both app store and play store. It even comes up frequent updates with better app performance and new features. It has a responsive design so the audience can enjoy on mobile, tablet and other devices. The clean and secured code makes it superior and reliable. It is easy to use and does not require the so called “how to use” tutorials as it can even be accessed by a toddler!

Kwizy script is hundred percent customisable and it is as easy as that! Online rental booking service is the new trend in which entrepreneurs look forward to making money off it. Kwizy could give a dream start for every aspiring entrepreneur with its never ending list of smart features. It is the best opportunity to build a grand marketplace for online reservations on properties.

Kwizy - Highlighting Features

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  Does the free server installation process cover any other aspects?

Apart from the free installation process on the requested machine or host, the technical team does not support or install any other programs in the user’s system.

  What is the turnaround time for the free installation?

The completion of the free installation of files on the client’s server might take 12 to 24 hours and, in general the turnaround time depends on the hosting companies.

  Can the modification of the code lead to void in the free service?

Yes, any kind of alteration or modification made in the code can void the free support plan that is offered by the company. Modification in the script by any third party or an external source is not serviced or supported by the Rutapp technical team.

  What is after sales support and how does it work?

The customers under the ultimate and premium plan are allowed to access the project management tool by login to the site, where the technical team and the QA team offers support and respond to the customer’s queries immediately and thereby enhancing the customer support experience. The moment when the accounts team confirms and verifies the purchase of the product, the customer will receive a downloadable source file from Rutapp’s official mail. The customer must download the file within 24hours because it will be deactivated after the particular time frame. If the customers provide the login credentials with the support team, they will install the source files into the customer’s servers for free of cost and this service is for all the customers under the ultimate, premium or Lite plan.

  What are the payment gateways supported by Rutapp?

PayPal is the default payment gateway that comes with the initial package, the script also allows the customer’s to integrate other payment options if they have proper application interface information is provided like Authorize.Net, 2co, stripe, balanced payment gateway, etc.

  Name the platform and framework of the Kwizy software.

The Kwizy software uses the Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP (LAMP) technology and the script is built under the Code Igniter Framework.

  Explain the refund policy of Rutapp.

If the product is successfully downloaded by the customer, the company will not offer any refund because the product is intangible digital products. For this reason, the company has given a demo link on the official website, so that the customers can check the link before proceeding with the payment process. If the customer faces any issues regarding the installation process or website queries, they can communicate with the technical team through the project management tool or through Skype or via email.

  Does the support team help with the customization of the module?

The customer support team helps in building the custom module by creating new designs, functionalities and payment options. To start this process, the customer must send an email that contains related documents, ideas, sketches, pictures and other resources pertaining to the module to the official email at that helps in offering the most accurate estimate.

  What is the version of the demo module?

The demo modules are always built in the latest version that is similar to the package that the customer buys from the company. But to prevent vandalism, some of the features are limited in the demo module. However, the customer will receive the complete version of the script. Is it possible for the customers to use the script without an additional payment? Yes, once the script is purchased by the customer they can use the same script forever and they need not pay any additional charges or hidden fees.

  Will the technical team help the customer in installing the product?

Yes, the professional installation service is the default service provided to the customer on the purchase of the product. The customer must provide the team with the server credentials to proceed with the installation of the script. The customers will receive an email from the official id (

  Can I get back my money, if I am not happy with the product?

No, all the sales are final and the customer will not be refunded. Because all the pre-sales conversations and the demos that were provided by the company contained all the necessary information that helps the customers to decide whether to purchase the product or not and they can also read the refund policy for further information.

  Does the customer receive any technical documentation on purchasing the script?

Technical documents are not offered by the Kwizy script, so if the customers have any queries regarding the installation or developing the custom module they can contact the technical team via the official email.

  Can the technical team help in fixing the bug that a customer identifies?

Yes, since there are possibilities of human error while developing the software, the company is ready to accept any kind of feedbacks from the users and will fix the issue if it is from our end, and immediately release a free update.

  Will the customer receive encrypted file or full source code of the Kwizy script?

The customer receives the product depending on the license purchased by them.
Regular Single Domain license format:The core files are unencrypted (PHP) by the design and the layout (CSS and HTML) can be customized and accessed, whereas the Single Domain is encrypted.
Open source (White Label) and multi-domain: It has no encryption; hence the owner can easily update the files. The customers send an email to the official mail address to know the pricing details about the multi-domain white label version.

  Is it possible for the customers to modify the CSS and HTML files of the Kwizy script?

Yes, with the help of the license purchased by the customer they have the access to modify the changes in the CSS or HTML files.

  Is it possible to purchase design templates from the Kwizys license?

he Kwizys are developed with a standard template, so if the customers wish for a different template they can contact the sales executive team or send a mail to to discuss about the pricing and other details.

  Is it possible for the customer to modify the domain name for the Kwizys license?

Modifying the domain name is possible and to do this, the customers can contact via email with the name of the domain, order number of the purchased product and the name the customer wish to change to.
Note: In a period of 6 months, the domain name can be changed only once and the customer must not modify any changes in the settings before receiving any confirmation from the company. If these changes are made before the confirmation, the service will not be unavailable and it depends on the version of the license purchased by the customer.

  Can the Kwizy script run is cluster server?

Yes, it is possible for the customer to install the script in the cloud like the Digital Ocean, Amazon and rack space. But they need a server base for Linux.

  What is the server requirement for Kwizy script?

The script works on all the servers based on Linux and the technology is LAMP. In the case of Windows, few modules have to be enabled.

Kwizy – The Best Online Accommodation Script

Travelling around the world has become a trend lately and many people now earn money only to travel and explore. There is a saying that one should put on travel shoes and get lost in the beauty of the world before it’s too late. As much as travelling can be real fun, it can be a real pain as well! Home sickness is the worst feeling that could possibly take over several travelers. Not all of them are lucky enough to stay in the cozy hotels, amazing cottages, homes, etc. There are many unfortunate ones who tend to go by wrong not so famous online rental booking websites and end up having bad experiences. It would be a dreadful sin if a traveler is unaware of the most famous online rental service Airbnb. It is famous in many countries around the world and is the most trustworthy as well. It has paved a way for many so called “Airbnb gimmicks” that are not very successful among the travelers.

According to statistics, 90 percent of people who travel prefer Airbnb to any other Airbnb Clone Softwares. It is safe and most importantly, it gives the “homely vibes” to people who choose its services. So what’s so cool about Airbnb? It enables its users to list, find, and rent homes in 34,000 cities around the word. Now, that’s a huge figure! It serves 191 countries and is also looking to spread the service in many remote areas as well. The proud CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky could not be happier about it. Being found in 2008, our Airbnb Clone is now available in 26 languages.

The network then expanded in many cities across the globe, making it that much easier for every traveler to dwell under extreme conditions. Though it is famous and widely popular, it is known for a long list of never ending controversies. Sexual harassment by the house keeper and theft are some among the infamous ones. But the large American online rental service comes up with many exciting offers and feel good campaigns to cover up the black mark caused by the controversies. It even comes up with many initiatives to provide secured and safe rental experience for the travelers. Due to its immense success, a lot of clones were introduced in the market and several of them ended up with an epic fail.

Airbnb poses a serious threat to the traditional hotels and the entire hotel management system. Some were even shut down permanently because of the huge loss in revenue. Many protests and strikes against Airbnb were followed by the hotel management. But the American company still continued to reign like a ninja and its clones had to walk through the path of shame with its cheaply cloned Airbnb features. Some of Airbnb’s advantages include,

If these features do not excite, what else could? This is also the reason why Airbnb is in the top position with the clones nowhere close to its position. But this bitter picture/scenario would not persist any longer since Kwizy has arrived to break all the misconceptions on clones. Kwizy has features that could excite any traveler. It has a long list of handy features that sets it high among the other clones.

Kwizy Clone Script from Rutapp

Kwizy comes in with a lot of advantages for its clients around the world. Some of them include, Rutapp is known for its successful history with web application products and other cloning scripts. It has a huge client network around the world and it never fails to put a smile on their faces. The highly trained professionals and employees make sure every project is flawless and promising. Professional testing practice is followed to eliminate the bugs in order to make the projects bug free. Even the smallest of glitches and inevitable issues are handled in a skilled way. Project Managers are assigned to every project to make it perfect. The highly trained developers and designers are the pillars of strength to Rutapp’s immense global reach.

Rutapp is well aware of the new technologies in the market and it builds products that return huge revenue to the clients. Countless companies are benefitted by its efficient and reliable service. One of the key features is time management and Rutapp never fails to deliver the project in time. More than hundred web application products and ten successful clone products in cluding Kwizy which has made Rutapp superior to many other mobile application services out there. It is the dream destination for every entrepreneur to have a bright career in clone scripts and hence, feel free to contact and know more!

Kwizy – Vacation Rental Software